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Reawaken Resilience

So, you have a purpose in this life. Something freaking epic that everything in you is screaming for you to bring to life! It felt amazing when you first discovered it. Your passion was on fire and NOTHING could stop you or convince you to change course! Until it did…

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Youth After School Program

The Natural Resilience Youth Program is a place where youth can have full permission to show up exactly as they are without fear of judgment! Where they can build trust with other youth while having FUN and learning how to maintain their own mental and physical well being through nature and mindfulness practices!

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Soul Centered Website Design

The Jump Start! – Soul Centered Web Design Package is designed to support you in launching or expanding your business or cause powerfully with a clear vision, soulful content, and simple online spaces that really connect with your ideal client.

Reiki Healing

Founded by:

Jessie Rober

Founder, Certified Professional Coach, “Soul Purpose” Coach, ICF member

Hi! I am Jessie Rober, and I am a “Soul Purpose” Coach, guiding passionate individuals who desire to bring their unique gifts into the world and are feeling overwhelmed or unsure somewhere in the process. I help these individuals to stoke the fire that lights their way through the obstacles, bring their passion to life, and feel fulfilled and empowered doing what they are on this Earth to do!

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