Take Epic Care of Your Self!

"How you love your self is how you treat others to love you"

Take Epic Care of Your Self!

"How you love your self is how you teach others to love you."

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Go to Mama Self Care Workshop

Mama Self Care Workshop

Do What’s best for you AND your family – Take epic care of yourself! Join us in a morning of Sisterhood, support, and filling our cups (and our toolboxes). Meet other moms who get it and create support and lasting bonds to lift you through the tough days.

Go to Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Experience Reiki healing in the comfort of your own home! Imagine your favorite flavors of relaxing music, gentle lighting, incense, and/or essential oils creating a soothing ambience as you lay comfortably on your own bed or couch, and feel the warm healing energy of Reiki gently merging with your being and healing your cells on a quantum level!

Go to Youth After School Program

Youth After School Program

The Natural Resilience Youth Program is a place where youth can have full permission to show up exactly as they are without fear of judgment! Where they can build trust with other youth while having FUN and learning how to maintain their own mental and physical well being through nature and mindfulness practices!

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Founded by:

Jessie Rober

Founder, ICF Trained Certified Professional Coach, Holistic “Soul Purpose” Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Reiki Energy Healer, Protector of Mama Earth

Who am I really?

I am Love. And I am Light.
I am a Mirror that reflects back to others, everything they may not have realized was already inside them.
I come alive through deep, soul-baring conversation. I come alive through connecting with nature; with Mama Earth.
I See Heart and Soul where most see only Actions and Labels.
I See Suffering and Potential where most see only Complaints and Failure.
I See what is truly there, underneath all the lenses our society has built for us to look through.
I See YOU.
I See your Heart. And I see your Soul.
I See your Light. And I See your Dark.
And I Love it all.

Hi! I am Jessie Rober and I am a Mindfulness Consultant, guiding Mamas who desire to bring their best selves forward for their families and are struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression. I help these Moms to navigate through the darkness, shine some extra light into their lives, and fill their cups to overflow, allowing them to show up at their best - for themselves, AND their families!

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