The Root Source of Suffering

If we look to all of the major causes of suffering we face in today’s society, from disagreements between individuals to pollution we can see that almost all of them can be traced back to one root source. Most people see things they wish they could change about themselves that stand in the way of acceptance and love for themselves as they are. Change can be wonderful! Though if we do not first have compassion and understanding for ourselves where we are now, then the change is about striving rather than thriving.

When we trace this root cause back to a lack of love for ourselves, we often find that these patterns started very early in life. When left unchecked they can quite easily lead to depression, self-harm (addictions, inflicting physical pain on self deliberately, suicide), harming others (verbally, physically), anxiety, and many other debilitating conditions.

The future does not have to be bleak, however, as we all have the strength within us to accept and love ourselves completely and to shift our ways of thinking to create positive, lasting change! At Reawakening natural Resilience, we aim to support adults and children alike to find the resilience and compassion in themselves that they have had all along and to employ it to help them reach their goals, no matter how small or grand those may be.

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