Muladhara (Short Story)

Mula was automatically suspicious of the strange girl who stood before him. For he was certain that this small town was impossible to enter. (Or exit). Even more suspect, she was showing interest in him! He could feel the panic setting in.

See, Mula was very… different. He towered above the tallest man. His curveless body was covered in thick, brown, cracked skin. His many arms were stiff and positioned at odd angles with scrawny fingers upon fingers jutting out all over them. His various legs were unusually short and forked into a network of slender toes.

“I am Sahara and I think you are magnificent!” the girl beamed. “Would it be alright if I accompany you for a short while?”

She really seemed genuine. Mula reluctantly agreed.

As they walked and talked he slowly started to relax. He finally asked her – “HOW did you get here?”

“I can’t tell you that… But I can tell you how to free everyone and escape to paradise!” Mula was skeptical. But also intrigued… “All you have to do is stand your ground and accept who you are. Now I must go, but you can break the curse Mula! I believe in you.”

“Wait.” said Mula “I-I don’t understand!” But it was too late. She had vanished!

Mula was shocked and confused. But he wanted out of here more than anything so he decided to do the thing he was most drawn to. He found a large puddle and immersed his toes and legs. As he felt the muddy water absorb through his toes and travel up through his body the townspeople were heading out to work. Every day they drilled into the concrete box that surrounded the town. Trying to escape.

Mula was terrified of them finding out what he was doing; they already made fun of him enough! But though he was filled with dread, he stood his ground.

They laughed at him for standing in the puddle. They told him to come help them drill as he did every day. When he didn’t move they began to realize how much they needed him. “We can’t operate the drill without you Mula!” They even promised to be nicer to him. To accept him! Though that was all he had ever wanted Mula closed his eyes and focused on his toes. He felt some cracks in the concrete and he reached into them. As he did this he felt his toes start to GROW, reaching down deeper and deeper! The concrete split as his toes pushed into it and he started to feel more sturdy.

“A storm! A storm is coming!” A voice shouted.

Mula felt his stomach twist up in knots. His figure was so unstable that even a slight wind could knock him over! As the first winds blew he felt his toes in the concrete hold him steady. But then he saw something that had him frozen with fear… A tornado – heading right for him! But if Sahara was right he couldn’t give up now. He had to stand his ground against his biggest fear.


As the vortex of wind spun towards him his stiff arms swayed, then his rigid body creaked and groaned, then as it came even closer he felt a pull towards it until the tornado was upon him! He closed his eyes and gripped with his toes as he felt it trying to pull him up out of the ground. Then, as quickly as it came, the tornado passed and the skies cleared.

Mula opened his eyes and glanced around in disbelief. He was still securely in place! He felt a cool comforting energy coming up from beneath him. It filled him up as he reached downwards with all his might until suddenly he felt his toes sink into something that wasn’t concrete! It was cool and firm, like a hard mud but deliciously nourishing.

As he sank deeper into this wonderful mud the concrete around him was cracking and large chasms were opening up. The people of the town were running and screaming until they had no choice but to give in. Until one by one they all jumped into the darkness below…

As they were falling through the air, soft earth came up to support them on their way down! All of the concrete receded and disappeared, and they looked around to see a vast expanse of soil inhabited by lush plants, cheerful animals and a warm sun beaming down from the wide open blue sky!

While everyone cheered and thanked Mula for freeing them, they were flooded with memories! They remembered that this beautiful paradise used to be their home. Long before they were trapped in the concrete box with no recollection of their former lives.

As Mula looked around in awe he finally remembered who he really was – a tree! And not just any tree. He was Muladhara; a sacred tree. The bridge between the people and Mother Earth.

Now that the curse was broken each of the people apologized to Muladhara for the awful way they had treated him. He smiled warmly and said “Do not apologize my friends. We knew not who we were, and the curse affected us in many ways. All is forgiven. We are home!”

Off in the distance he saw Sahara smiling at him, and with a wink she was gone again.

From that day forward Muladhara spent his days firmly planted in the rich soil, basking in warm sunlight. The people loved him dearly and came to him to connect with Mother Earth for wisdom, vitality, and energy. She provided Muladhara with all of the nourishment he could ever want while he stood; stable, secure, and sure of himself. Surrounded by love. Happily ever after in paradise…


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