The Profound Wisdom of The Magic School Bus

But I have to say the most profound lesson Magic School Bus had to offer was something I hadn’t really given thought to until recently… My son and I were watching the episode where they explore inside a rotting tree (classic!), and the Frizz said something so familiar, yet so brand new at the same time and it was like a smack in the face. But a loving one. Like a “wake up and see what’s right in front of you!” from a dear friend.

Finding Joy in Everyday Life

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen how you give children a fancy toy and they’re just as content (sometimes more) playing with the box it came in… Young kids are in a state where they are fully EXPERIENCING everything around them. EVERYTHING is beautiful, intricate, miraculous! They don’t need to be constantly entertained with stimulating Read more about Finding Joy in Everyday Life[…]

Muladhara (Short Story)

Mula was automatically suspicious of the strange girl who stood before him. For he was certain that this small town was impossible to enter. (Or exit). Even more suspect, she was showing interest in him! He could feel the panic setting in. See, Mula was very… different. He towered above the tallest man. His curveless Read more about Muladhara (Short Story)[…]

The Root Source of Suffering

If we look to all of the major causes of suffering we face in today’s society, from disagreements between individuals to pollution we can see that almost all of them can be traced back to one root source. Most people see things they wish they could change about themselves that stand in the way of Read more about The Root Source of Suffering[…]

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Though many parents do everything in their power to shield them from it, all children will experience pain repeatedly throughout their lives. This is uncontrollable and is actually advantageous in many respects as it teaches us compassion, empathy, strength, resilience, and impermanence, among many other important life skills. Suffering, on the other hand, is unnecessary Read more about Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.[…]