September 6, 2019

Mamas on Mindfulness

Join us for an online journey to stock your toolbox with practices to not only fill your cup, but have it overflow with joy and energy. Connect with other mamas as you develop and maintain a self care plan that leaves you feeling renewed and ready to show up as your best self – for you AND your family.
  • An understanding of how your brain works in relation to anxiety and depression
  • Knowledge and experience of different basic mindfulness techniques to support you moving forward
  • PDF handouts of the exercises practiced in the program – with descriptions
  • Your Personalized Self Care Plan
  • Resources to continue your learning
  • A sense of camaraderie, creating community with other mamas who get your challenges
  • Access to a safe, supportive space to share, learn, connect, and grow with other mamas via Facebook Group over the course of the program and beyond!

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Parenthood is a challenging job on its own without anxiety and depression.

As mamas we are often told how excited and joyful we must be and what a gift it is to have children. Women are expected to love everything about pregnancy and motherhood because we “are designed for it”. When you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges that joy and excitement can be greatly dampened. You may worry about being deemed “a bad mom” or of being judged for not loving your children enough or in the right way. The truth is that it’s okay to be struggling to adjust to motherhood. It is the most terrifying and high-pressure job there is! Admitting that you feel scared and depressed as a mom in NO WAY diminishes the love and dedication you have for your child. If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression as a mama, I invite you to be extremely gentle and compassionate with yourself. You are doing an amazing job!

Now, consider the impact it would have on your child’s life if you were unrelentingly kind to yourself and gave yourself everything you need.

If you made it a priority to give yourself consistent boosts using tools that resonate with YOU and leave you feeling renewed. Not only would you be role modeling healthy habits that your child may learn from and adopt for years to come, but this will also allow you to consistently show up for your child(ren) as your best self. The you who keeps her cool under pressure. Who supports her child(ren) calmly through the storms. Who’s able to really connect and enjoy the presence of her child(ren) without being caught up in the worry and despair that used to take up permanent residence in her mind.

She is still in you.

She is you.

She just needs some tools and support to help her shine through!

  • The brain science behind anxiety
  • How anxiety can lead to depression
  • Causes of anxiety and depression in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Navigating Rock Bottom – Into Joy! – And the need for support
  • Self-care – Finding things that fill you up
  • How to create a sustainable self-care practice
  • Hacks for building new habits
  • Basics of mindfulness – what it is and how it works
  • Brain science of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices – basics of different types, experimenting with them together, discussing experiences
  • And more!

As a mom, I know your time is precious.
Which is why I created this program to be flexible for any schedule or budget.
Busy moms: you can follow the trainings and take on the practices with minimal time commitment while still gaining the benefits!

Life Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Reiki Energy Healer

Since childhood it was clear that I was destined to be a Mom. I dreamed of being that stereotypical kind, compassionate, loving Mom that I saw portrayed in children’s movies. Even still, at some points the anxiety and depression that extended far back into my childhood had me questioning everything.

My path to get where I am today and now as a mother has not been without emotional struggles and mental wellness issues. As a certified Personal Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness Consultant I look forward to sharing this personal journey of overcoming these challenges in my online program ‘Mamas on Mindfulness’.

We could all stand to fit a little more self care into our lives. And the results are exponential!

Do yourself and your family a great kindness: