July 23, 2018

Natural Resilience Youth Program

The Natural Resilience Youth Program is a place where youth can have full permission to show up exactly as they are without fear of judgment! Where they can build trust with other youth while having FUN and learning how to maintain their own mental and physical well being through nature and mindfulness practices!


I’ve basically designed the exact experience I would have LOVED to have access to in my youth! (Not to mention that could have majorly impacted my sense of self-worth).

I feel that there is so much more we could be doing as parents, mentors, and educators to support youth today in developing a healthy relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Especially now that they are faced with a number of stressors that didn’t exist even just 10-20 years ago!

And with all the mixed messages of today it can be tricky for us as adults to impact them in the way we would hope to.

I believe that giving youth the space to experiment alongside their peers with practices that bring them closer to nature and allow them to understand and process their own thoughts and emotions in a healthy way is key to creating happiness and success throughout the rest of their lives.”



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