August 2, 2019

Reiki Energy “Tune-Up”

Comprehensive Energy Tune-Up

The Comprehensive Energy Tune-Up is an opportunity to slow down and tune in. To cleanse your body of everything you are ready to release, and to fill yourself up with the loving, healing energy of the Universe✨💖🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Your Comprehensive Energy Tune-Up Session includes:

…:::Distance Healing:::…

Reiki Energy Channelled to you through Jessie with intuitive placement via surrogate, being directed to the areas that will serve your highest good!

…:::Crystal Infusion:::…

Utilizing intuitively chosen and strategically placed crystals to infuse their unique and beautiful pure energies into your energetic being for your highest good.

…:::Chakra Cleansing and Activating:::…

Cleansing: out the “gunk” that is currently blocking each chakra by drawing up Mother Earth’s cleansing, healing energy through them and gently scraping off the layers that are ready to be released. Activating: the innate brilliance that is inside each chakra, waiting to be unleashed, and “turning up” the dial on each so that you shine brightly with the balanced traits of each chakra out into the world with blinding intensity!

…:::Energy Reading:::…

A detailed report of visions, feelings, and experiences that came forward during your session, including which areas they were connected to. This report may point you in the direction of where your blockages lie and the unique flavors of YOUR brilliance. It is yours to keep!

You deserve to be filled with the deepest love and joy; the pure essence of who you truly are!

Make today the day that you take a stand for YOU. Book your Comprehensive Energy Tune-Up Session here!