August 29, 2019


What We Offer

At Reawakening Natural Resilience we offer a variety of services all aimed at improving the holistic well-being of our clients!

Free Strategy Session

We always offer a Free Strategy Session to new and prospective clients, free of charge and free of obligation!

Youth Mindfulness Program

The Natural Resilience Youth Program is a place where youth can have full permission to show up exactly as they are without fear of judgment! Where they can build trust with other youth while having FUN and learning how to maintain their own mental and physical well being through nature and mindfulness practices!

Mama Mindfulness and Self Care

Join us in Mamas on Mindfulness for an online journey to stock your toolbox with practices to not only fill your cup, but have it overflow with joy and energy. Connect with other mamas as you develop a self care plan that leaves you feeling renewed and ready to show up as your best self – for you AND your family.

Reiki Energy Tune-Up

The Comprehensive Energy Tune-Up is an opportunity to slow down and tune in. To cleanse your body of everything you are ready to release, and to fill yourself up with the loving, healing energy of the Universe.
Distance Healing | Chakra Cleansing & Activating | Crystal Infusion | Energy Reading.