Finding Joy in Everyday Life

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen how you give children a fancy toy and they’re just as content (sometimes more) playing with the box it came in…

Young kids are in a state where they are fully EXPERIENCING everything around them.

EVERYTHING is beautiful, intricate, miraculous!

They don’t need to be constantly entertained with stimulating activities, sometimes something as simple as the ribbon on a balloon is a source of pure JOY!

Doesn’t it make you wish you could enJOY the little things as much as they do?

Let me let you in on a secret…

YOU still have the ability to feel the same level of joy in life’s simple pleasures as children do!

This doesn’t mean you have to act silly and “make a fool out of yourself”.
(But then again, why not?)


Simply taking a few moments from the day to pause and TRULY experience something that you enJOY!

As they say: “Stop and smell the roses.”

It can be as simple as slowing down while you indulge in that treat you were craving, really tasting it with no distractions.

Or putting away your phone and everything else while you sit down for your morning coffee/tea, closing your eyes and taking in the aroma before sipping.

OR my favorite: looking at something you SEE often but don’t usually pay ATTENTION to;
A tree.
A cloud.
A sunrise/sunset.
and really focusing on seeing ALL of it without labelling or judging.

Sound too simple to actually shift your perception of joy?

That’s just it.
Joy IS simple!

We make it complicated when we look at it as something OUTSIDE of us that we need to FIND.

Like an elusive resource that we are constantly chasing down.

Joy comes from within.
We create it and we choose it.

How much of your life up until now has been spent in moments of joy?
How much of the rest of your life would you LIKE to spend in moments of joy?

There is joy to be experienced all around us when we stop focusing all of our attention on what we DON’T want and choose to focus instead on enjoying everything we possibly can.

It won’t likely all happen overnight (I can pretty much guarantee it won’t) but this simple practice has the power to change your entire life!

If you let it…

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