Why You Aren’t Living Your Dream Life (And a Formula to Change That)



I have a secret to tell you…

The secret of why you aren’t living the life of your dreams.

AND the formula that helped me start living mine!


So, you have a purpose in this life.

Something freaking epic that everything in you is screaming for you to bring to life!

It felt amazing when you first discovered it. Your passion was on fire and NOTHING could stop you or convince you to change course!

Until it did…

Results didn’t come.

And they didn’t come.

Doubt crept in.

And you were left feeling discouraged and a bit lost…

Now what?

Your unique and epic purpose still needs you to show up and bring it to life! So what is it that’s holding you back?

Maybe you know already… Or maybe more investigation is needed. But one thing is for sure:


There is no turning back.



There is absolutely NO WAY you’ll give up on living into your purpose!

But where do you start?

How do you know that this time will be different? That you are capable of really making things happen!

I believe that we all have the passions that we do for a reason. That the Universe put us here with these passions because it wants us to bring them into the world!

So it would stand to reason that we are FULLY CAPABLE of doing just that. Right?

Then why aren’t we all living our dreams??

Ok, here’s the secret;


Subconscious satirical short stories.



I’ll explain. 😉

We start out innocent. Full of wonder and possibility; without doubt in ourselves.

As we live our lives we experience pain. Disappointment. Shame and Fear. And all of these experiences are downloaded into our brain. We take them as lessons, used to make future decisions about what to do and what not to do.

And when similar lessons accumulate they become stories that replay in our minds.

They act as warnings whenever we encounter a situation that may lead to more of the same unpleasant sensations that created the lesson in the first place.

For example:

When I was a child I was bit by a dog. In the face. Depending on several factors, I could have immediately developed an intense fear of dogs that would take tons of reprogramming later in life to work through.

But in my case, it was just a puppy. And I understood that her bite was her way of defending herself as she felt cornered under the bed when I tried to retrieve the item she had absconded with. I also had an inherent, deep love of, and trust for, animals. As such, I was just a little more cautious around dogs. Now if I was then bitten/hurt by dogs in 3 or more different instances, I would now have a much higher likelihood of developing an intense fear of dogs as each instance deepened the message that “dogs=pain”.

The resulting story might look like “dogs are scary.”, “dogs can’t be trusted”, “I don’t like dogs.”, and/or “dogs don’t like me.”


It’s one thing to imagine this with something like dogs, where I COULD find ways to avoid dogs for the rest of my life. But what happens when the stories develop from things that are more difficult to avoid?

Maybe when something you say isn’t received well by your peers.

Or your decisions lead to pain for yourself or another.

Or you are told you ARE:







Or whatever other labels may get attached to you over the years.

When these things become stories that play in the background of your life, they can (and often do) affect how you approach everything you do; often without you even realizing it! THESE are the subconscious satirical short stories: focused on showcasing and shaming shortcomings.

To get an idea of how this works for You, let’s investigate a little:

Picture yourself living your dreams…

fulfilling your purpose…

following your passion…

Try picturing it like a Fairy Tale, where you are the main character.

See it in as much detail as possible.

What kinds of thoughts are coming up in the background of your mind?

Take a minute to tune in and really listen to what your mind is telling you about your dreams before you continue reading…









Did your thoughts sound anything like this:

“That’d be nice… I wish that could be my life.”

“I’m not ________ enough to have that/be that”

“Only rich people can have that/be that, and I can’t be rich because ___________.”

“Nothing ever works out for me.”

“I don’t deserve to have/be that.”

These are just a few of countless examples of satirical short stories that have been created from past experiences. And guess what?



⇒ They AREN’T TRUE! ⇐



You are perfectly capable AND deserving to have and be everything that you desire!

Your Fairy Tale is waiting for you…


So there ya go. Now that you know the stories aren’t true, you can go turn that Satire into a Fairy Tale, right?

Well, it usually isn’t that easy.

Most of these stories have been reinforced so many times that they have been deeply integrated into our bodies and subconscious minds. Meaning that to go against what the stories are telling us can feel physically AND mentally/emotionally uncomfortable. (sometimes even painful)

No wonder we aren’t all living our dream lives!

So how DO you step into your potential and fulfill your purpose, despite the stories that are holding you back?


By following my “Fairy Tale Formula”!

Get your FREE “Fairy Tale Formula” download !

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When you read through the Fairy Tale Formula it might initially seem like quite the undertaking to step through the satirical stories and into your Fairytale!

BUT you are actually 100% capable of putting this powerful formula into action FOR YOURSELF!

(Message me for tips on creating these things on your own. 😊)


You don’t HAVE to do it alone!


If you are READY to shift from stories into purpose (if you’re still reading this I can almost guarantee you are! 😆) and don’t know where to start, or maybe you do know but would love to not have to do it alone and unsupported; I have created an epic Group Program JUST FOR YOU! 😄

The “Reawaken Resilience” package is a mindfully designed blend of Coaching, Reiki healing, Hypnosis, Visualizations, and Mindfulness Practices to provide you with all aspects of the “Fairy Tale Formula”!


This package offers:


6 Weeks of Resilience-Raising Structure; Following the Fairy Tale Formula =


6 (30min. each) Video Lessons (1/week)

Value = $276

+ 3 Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions (Past, Present, Future),

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Value = $330


*BONUS* Extra’s like:

3 Guided Exercises,

4 Guided Visualization/Hypnosis Audios (including 1 personalized to you!)

Inspirational Shares throughout to Keep You Moving Forward!

+ Your entry into this Epic Group Space of Support and Coaching throughout!


BONUS Extra’s Value = $120 +


Total Program Value =

$1,111 +



AND because this program is brand new, I am running this as a BETA testing program. At BETA testing prices!


If this sounds freaking amazing to you AND you are 10,000% committed to switching the satire fest in your head into a wonderful Fairy Tale, then follow the signs:

This program was created just for you!



Join us for this program starting Jan 7th 2019 and you will pay:



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Follow your bliss!


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