November 9, 2016

Complimentary Consultation


What does a consultation look like?

In this complementary, no-obligations consultation, I will be fully present to whatever you may require from the hour that we have together. We can discuss what your overall aim for employing coaching may be, what expectations you may have of coaching, what coaching is exactly, and any other questions or curiosities you may have. I will briefly explain how the coaching relationship works and then we can jump right into a free session for the rest of our time, focusing on something of your choice.

You say no-obligations, but will there really be no pressure to commit to paid coaching?

If by the end of our discussion either of us does not feel that coaching is the most beneficial route for your current aims, or have any other reason to not pursue the coaching relationship further, then that is where the journey will end, at least for now. Coaching requires the client to be fully ready to commit to success and push boundaries. There are multiple reasons why coaching may not be the right fit whether it be the particular situation or aim, or that the timing is not right, as well as others. I am only here to offer you my service as a provider of awareness, accountability, acknowledgment, and focus, not to pressure you in any way to commit to further sessions. Likewise, if you feel at the end of the session that you are excited to pursue coaching, but after assessing at home you change your mind, that is also your prerogative and I will accept and support your decision. I will always be open to a re-assessment at any future time.

To inquire further or book a consultation, please email Jessie at: